Inundate Your Memory With CBD Oil Facts

CBD or Cannabidiol is no longer a new concept for most of us. We have CBD lovers across the globe. CBD or cannabidiol is a component of Cannabis. It is non-psychoactive. By non-psychoactive nature, it means that the CBD oil does not interfere with our mind. The use of CBD is still awaiting the USFDA’s approval to function as a legit drug. Well if you think that the USFDA’s pending approval status will panic the CBD users, then it is not the case. In fact, you can say that the CBD use is flourishing like a trend. However, the actual impact of the CBD in our body systems is still a mystery. Probably this might be one of the reasons for the pending status of UFDA approval.

Epidiolex, however, has proven results for controlling seizures in case of certain epilepsy types. ON account of the positive clinical trial results, one of the FDA committees has forwarded a recommendation for the same. But it is still on hold. Before beginning our journey through the CBD oil story, let us have a look at some of the CBD facts.

Some of the exciting facts about CBD

  • Composed of nearly one hundred cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the chemical components such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).
  • Do you know that our human body has receptors for the cannabinoids? Yes! We do have receptors specific to cannabinoids. The principal two receptors are the CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are present in our brain CB2 receptors are a part of our body cells such as the immune system cells and digestive system cells.
  • Interestingly our body synthesizes natural cannabinoids known as the endocannabinoids.
  • The tetrahydrocannabinol is receptor specific and adheres to CB1 whereas the cannabidiol possesses the caliber to affect both CB1 and CB2. The mode of adherence, however, might be different in both cases. The complex nature of CBD might influence it.
  • When you analyze the cannabis products, you observe that most of them are a mixture of THC and CBD.
  • If you are thinking about cannabis for medicinal purpose, then CBD should be your point of interest. The market has got heaps of cannabis products which contain only CBD. You may go and ask for a CBD containing cannabis product to the distributor. He will guide you regarding the same.

Well until now we have dealt about the cannabis and cannabis chemical components. Let us now move on to their key benefits.

What are the benefits of cannabis oil?

We have already discussed the beneficiary effects of the CBD oil in controlling the epileptic seizures. To be more precise, you can call Epidiolex as a purified soul of CBD oil exclusively available within the frontiers of United Kingdom.

Do you know that the CBD oil can help in reducing the seizures in children suffering from both the Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet’s Syndrome?  Though the seizure reduction rate is only forty percent, something is better than nothing!

Controlling seizures is the only effect known until now. However, when it comes to selling the CBD oils, the dealers tout their marketing strategies with heaps of health benefits. Those health benefits of CBD claimed by these so-called CBD dealers are left to be confirmed by clinical trials. They convey these additional health benefits by referring to few research papers where they have been detected at the pre-clinical stage. You can say, the other health benefits of cannabis oil are still restricted to the guinea pigs or the in-vitro experiments. We all it very well that treatments that work out well in these laboratory animals need not work precisely in the same way in our body system.

So if you are using or planning to use the cannabis oil for your other health-related problems such as the anxiety, pain or at the most the inflammatory conditions, then remember that you believe those pre-clinical confirmations without any proven human trials. All you must do is to experiment it for with caution and at your own risk and belief.

Does the cannabis oil possess any adverse effects?

Well, if you ask me this question, I will say Yes! Similar to any other medication, cannabis oil too has its side effects. CBD oil cannot run out of the side effects. Perhaps no one can escape from the side effects of CBD.

Unfortunately, as the clinical trials with CBD oil could not proceed further, so is the case with its side effects too. In 2017, I remember that a review was worked out on the possible side effects of the cannabis oil. The study reported fatigue, diarrhea and appetite change as the common side effects associated with the use of cannabis oil.

To inform you about the Epidiolex, the regulating body of the USFDA that monitored the clinical trials of Epidiolex reported a severe threat of causing liver injury. Hence, if you are amongst those selected consumers of Epidiolex, get a liver enzymes test done.

Well, if you think it over, then the year 2017 had other contributions too. Statistics show that, out of eighty-four percent of the CBD oil sold online, only thirty-one percent contained the exact labeled amount of CBD. Interesting, Isn’t it? Some of the bottles contained below the labeled amount of CBD. It means that for getting more CBD content, you need to count on more pennies. While on the other hand, the actual CBD content of the oil was much lesser than the approximate value illustrated on the bottle label. Now! Here is what you are being fooled for. You were being charged for the labeled amount of CBD while you were getting much less than the worth of your penny.

Is cannabis legal?

Still, the cannabis is tagged to be illegal in some parts. If you are staying in such a global position where your state legalizes the marijuana for both the recreational and medicinal aspects, then you are fortunate enough to continue your craze for weed. Instead of this, there are some regions where the cannabis is still pending to receive its legal title. However, the cannabis oil use is legalized following the USFDA regulations.

For the cannabis legal or the illegal status, all you need to do is to stay updated with your state’s regulatory norms.