CBD for Adults

For a natural alternative to healthy living

Choose from a few different options and flavors and be sure to check back often as we release new lines.

You’ll have no regrets.

Take a few drops under your tongue each day and experience the health benefits of CBD oil.

CBD oil – 300mg

New to CBD Oil? Start with this and take a few drops daily.

✓ Pain
✓ Anxiety
✓ Insomnia
✓ Immunity Support
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You like it to Feel Cool!

Join the cool kids and roll some of this to affected areas where you feel pain. Get instant and long-term relief with this double-whammy.

CBD Menthol Roll On – 150mg

Get double the relief with instant menthol sensation and long-term CBD healing.

✓ Muscle Pain
✓ Arthritis Pain
✓ Joint Pain
✓ Back Pain
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Calm Balm for Everyday Use!

The secret to long-term relief? Apply it 3x daily. In the morning, while watching TV and before you go to bed.

CBD Relief Cream – 150mg

Get therapeutic relief of chronic pain with this topical CBD cream.

✓ Pain
✓ Ankle Swelling
✓ Eczema
✓ Cuts and Scars
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Healthy and joyful living