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CBD oil – 300mg

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✓ Pain
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The Benefits of CBD for Dogs

When you have a dog as part of your life, they quickly become a part of the family. They provide us with love in abundance and we want them to always be health.So when our furry friend is going through a difficult time in their life, such as sickness or old age, as a responsible pet owner, we do what we can to take care of their needs and we want to do so in the best way possible.

Like humans, dogs also have a number of different medications they can take for the health issues they are facing. The unfortunate thing is, those medications are not regulated and in many cases, they can lead to side effects and other complications. That is why many pet owners are turning to a natural treatment in the form of cannabis oil. It has shown amazing results for dogs and can help for almost any health issue they are facing.

Many people have a rather twisted view of cannabis, but it is important to understand there is a difference between medical marijuana and the recreational marijuana that is sold on the street. They both contain compounds that have an effect on the body, including THC and CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psychoactive component within marijuana and it produces the euphoric feeling that is common with the use of this plant. Cannabidiol (CBD), on the other hand, is the medical component found in marijuana. It is interesting that these are only 2 of the 80 cannabinoids found in the plant.

CBD for dogs is extracted from the hemp plant and it is what is used for the health and welfare of your dog. If you are concerned about the possibility that it might have THC as well, there is good news for you. When you use CBD with trace amounts of THC, they work well together. The amount of THC found in the hemp plant that is used for CBD oil is very small. It is not the same as the marijuana plant grown for recreational use.

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

The list of issues that can be treated with CBD oil is quite large. Some of the different health issues include nausea, cancer symptoms, pain from arthritis, seizures and many other problems. There is even some research that shows CBD can help with anxiety, which is a serious problem for some dogs. In other words, if your dog suffers from separation anxiety, this natural medicine has you covered.

Why does CBD work so well in dogs? It is because dogs seem to be hard-wired for this medication. In all dogs (and humans as well), there is an internal system known as the endocannabinoid system. It is found in all parts of the body and the receptors of this system interact with the cannabinoids in hemp. It helps to reduce issues such as nausea, anxiety, and pain and in some cases may even eliminate those problems altogether.

Some dog owners may be concerned about the possibility of negative side-effects. You will be happy to know that CBD for dogs can be used safely, provided it is used properly. Unlike pharmaceutical medications, CBD does not cause damage to the internal organs. In addition, the dog can use it without experiencing the high associated with the drug sold on the streets.

Although CBD is a safe alternative for dogs when they aren’t quite feeling like themselves, there are some things to know before you start giving it to them. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that it should be used in the proper dosages. There is always the possibility of overdose and sometimes, it could leave the dog unable to stand up or eat for a few days.

If you are interested in giving CBD to your dog, be sure you opt for a high-quality and trusted resource. It can really make a difference in their health and wellbeing when it is given properly and consistently. Our dogs deserve the best and we would never consider giving them anything less. Giving them quality CBD is a great place to start.

Happy Pet, Happy You